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“The brothers aim to showcase the abundance of stories compacted on a small island in the Pacific Ocean throughout the world.”


Local Filmmakers. Global Following.

Community. Education. Entertainment.

Award-winning producers, writers, directors and educators, brothers Don and Kel Muna are the ground-breaking pioneers of independent film in the Western Pacific. They are committed to utilizing the motion picture as a medium for socially conscious artistic expression and preservation of the Chamorro culture as well as revitalizing the awareness of cultural identity.

“It’s so exciting for me to attend because it reminds me of the early festivals that I attended back in the eighties, where film festivals were really for sharing the culture.”

– Cannes Palme d’Or winner, Raymond Red

at the Guam International Film Festival


Guam International Film Festival

Guam Interntional Film Festival

Founded by the Muna Bros. in 2011, the Guam International Film Festival (GIFF) fosters the growth of cultural understanding through the art of filmmaking. GIFF achieves this through community outreach, education through festival workshops and efforts to build awareness for social responsibility through our film programming. In addition, GIFF provides opportunities for local artists and emerging filmmakers to flourish through exposure to international cinema and industry related business.

Only a few hours away from major international metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Manila, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Hong Kong, Guam has always served as the global gateway to an eclectic mix of professionals from the US, Asia and Pacific rim offering a platform to exchange opportunities in business and entertainment. GIFF has featured future Academy Award nominees together with the best in independent cinema from the word’s top tier festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Telluride and more. Don Muna serves as the Executive Director and Kel Muna serves as the Festival Program Director. The Guam International Film Festival is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

University of Guam Film Festival

Co-founded by the Muna Bros. and a partnership with the University of Guam College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in 2015, the University of Guam Film Festival (UOGFF) is a launching pad for original work made exclusively in the Mariana Islands. It has since developed into a student-run festival showcasing works from the students of the University of Guam.

“This engagement with the community distinguishes Don and Kel from being simple filmmakers, but instead artists and intellectuals who understand their obligation to Guam and Micronesia”

– Michael Lujan Bevacqua, Ph.D

Chamorro Studies at the University of Guam


University of Guam – Independent Filmmaking and Mass Media Experience

Serving as proponents in building the future of Guam’s locally sustained entertainment and media industry, the Muna Bros. have opened new doors for Western Pacific film production through the avenues of higher education. Their works have screened worldwide and have been part of sociological, international and pacific studies curriculum at Purdue University, University of Hawaii, University of Guam and Guam Community College.


Kel Muna has developed and implemented the first independent filmmaking production course curriculum for two colleges: the University of Guam (Independent Filmmaking, course CO410) and for middle school students at the Guam Community College (CACGP Summer Program). The course continues to demonstrate exceptional class average success rates. In addition, Kel has resurrected the Mass Media Experience course (CO386) at the University, immersing his students in a live broadcast production environment. His students have gone on to work for some of the region’s top broadcast stations and international networks including NBC Universal. Kel Muna graduated as Valedictorian with a degree in Film and Video Production from Full Sail University and currently teaches Independent Filmmaking and Mass Media Experience at the University of Guam.


Don Muna is the recipient of the 2015 Guam Community College Distinguished Alumni Award. He is the second youngest in the school’s history to receive the honor. Don currently sits on the advisory board for the Guam Film Office under the Guam Economic Development Authority.

The Muna Bros. are three-time recipients of the Government of Guam Legislative Resolution recognizing success in exhibiting local, regional and international promotion and collaboration between artists and for fostering the growth of cultural understanding through the art of filmmaking.

They are also authors of the popular filmmaking book for beginners entitled “Why Go To Film School?”. In addition to teaching at the University, they currently volunteer and present motivational film study lectures at Guam’s public schools.

“The Muna Brothers represent the tip of this new Pacific wave.”

–Filmmaker Magazine

“Promising raw talent”

–Variety Magazine

“Great storytellers. Authentic.”

-Jimmy Santiago Baca, acclaimed poet/author

“Do what these guys did with Talent Town and bring the culture to the rest of the world.”

-Kim Diaz, Pixar/Lucasfilm, Ltd.


Muna Bros. Films

Talent Town


Now available exclusively at Vimeo On Demand

Small Island. Big dreams.

From the team that brought you the international award-winning independent film “Shiro’s Head”, comes the inspiring feature-length Muna Bros. documentary: “TALENT TOWN”, a thought-provoking journey through Guam’s landscape of homegrown talent. Directors Don and Kel Muña conduct over thirty exclusive interviews with some of Guam’s most notable residing talent.

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“Soulful, dramatic”

-Filmmaker Magazine


-Las Vegas International Film Festival

“Compelling and commands attention”

-Variety Magazine

“It’s not wimpy, this is street level stuff!”

-Erik Nakamura, Giant Robot Magazine


-Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival


-Strasbourg International Film Festival, France

“The film is a remarkable feat!”

-Honolulu Star Bulletin

“One of the most amazing films”

-Louis Vuitton Hawaii Intl. Film Festival

“Great indie aesthetic!”

-Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

“Intensely driven”

-Pacific Daily News

“Shiro’s Head will be a favorite.”

-Sandhills Film Festival

“We totally love your film!”

-Historica Film Festival, Japan

“An edgy and raw heartfelt performance”

-Visual Communications, Los Angeles

“Nailbiting…cleverly crafted”

-Pacific Daily News

“A polished piece of art”

-Bonita Malone, KPRG Public Radio

“A really important piece of creativity”

-Dr. Dianne Strong, Author

“A landmark.”

-Dr. Kirk Johnson, University of Guam

“Thought provoking”

-Professor Peter Onedera, University of Guam

“The movie forces you to be engaged.”

-Dr. Robert Underwood, fmr. US Congressman

“Engaging and compelling”

-Joel Moffet, American Film Institute, Univ. of Hawaii

“A movie that truly represents Guam”

-Pacific News Center

“The making of a legend”

-Motions Magazine

“Nothing can stop them”

-Visual Communications, LA

“The Muna brothers have put Guam on the map”

-UNO Magazine (Men of the Year)


Muna Bros. Films

Shiro's Head

Now available at Vimeo On Demand and DVD

The film that started it all.

Guam’s first locally produced full-length feature film, “SHIRO’S HEAD” is the internationally acclaimed ground-breaking debut from Don and Kel Muna. Now available at Vimeo On Demand and DVD.

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    A modern part of a forgotten history, “Shiro’s Head” takes us to the Pacific island of Guam, USA where outcast Vince Flores (Don Muna) struggles to come to terms with his family’s history of secrets and a dark past of his own. Shunned from his family for the death of his father, his attempt to reconcile causes his family’s past to catch up to him for the last time. Based on a universal theme of family, faith and forgiveness, “Shiro’s Head” features a talented cast of unknowns including a unique setting with a character all its own.

    Shiro’s Head is the feature film debut produced, written and directed by brothers Don and Kel Muna. Their screenplay is adapted from their original short story entitled “The Legend of Shiro”. Shot entirely on location in Guam, USA, the island naturally sets the framework for circumstances of life in a small town. “Shiro’s Head” is a do-it-yourself, independent production with associate producers Jennifer Davis, Naomi Castro and Michael Muna.

    The soundscape of the island comes to life with original score by the Muna Bros. interwoven with original music by Brandon Mayer, Rebel Lion, D.U.B., Brandi Jae By Blood and more.


    A true grass roots project, “Shiro’s Head” is a do it yourself, independent production that is a result of filmmakers Don and Kel Muna maximizing their resources and creative solutions. They created the storyline of the movie based on their original short story entitled, “The Legend of Shiro”, a fictional story that took place before the first record of colonization on Guam.

    Upon the completion of their screenplay, they set out on their journey to Guam. Throwing caution to the wind and bringing with them only the necessities (clothes, equipment and a few props) the brothers left Los Angeles and flew for 16.5 hours and 6,400 miles overseas to Guam to begin production on a movie that had no cast, no locations and no guarantees. And more so, because the movie had no budget, they were forced to travel on “standby” status at the risk of a non-guaranteed flight. The brothers, however, were determined to endure any unforeseen circumstances or face any obstacle in order to complete their project. Their timing was perfect.

    Maximizing their resources and creative solutions, the production phase took four months to complete – starting in late January 2007 and wrapping in mid-May 2007.

    A true grass-roots, do-it-yourself, independent project, “Shiro’s Head” is a movie about the importance of family and faith, the two life cornerstones by which this unique project has been made possible.



    PRODUCED, WRITTEN and DIRECTED by Don Muna and Kel Muna | ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Jennifer Davis, Naomi Castro and Michael Muna | ILLUSTRATION ART DIRECTOR: Matthew Blas | ILLUSTRATIONS by Alejandro Martinez

    Matt Ladmirault as Noah | Aleta Borja as Alena | Julius Santos as Jacob Flores | Don Muna as Vincent Flores | Dion Lizama as Imo Masakatsu | Abel Inocencio as Bong | Nick Baza as Oz | Justin Mateo as T.H. | Dianna Ladmirault as Angel | Andrew Wheeler as Roki

    Featuring original music by:
    Brandon Mayer | Matala | D.U.B. | Rebel Lion | Brandi Jae | By Blood | Hymn for the Tortured | Last Minute | Jason J. | Virtuoso | Island Trybe

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